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Are You Not Moved?

It’s been a month since we relaunched regular blogs on and, and I wanted to check in with you to see how we’re doing., in addition to the normal ways our fans communicate their feelings about the content we produce:

-Comments on the content;
-Comments on social media shares of the content;
-Reactions on social media shares of the content;
-Reactions on the content.

The reaction bar gets us some of our most interesting feedback, my favourite of which is Unmoved.

The most consistent reaction we get is Amused, with Excited and Happy pretty common. But we also get Unmoved fairly consistently, and it fascinates me. Are they reading the whole post, thinking about it and deciding they are in the exact same place they were before reading it? Are they reading the title and expressing their lack of interest in the topic?

My tongue is in my cheek. I do think there’s value a neutral option, distinct from not reacting. Unfortunately, as a response it asks more questions than it answers. So this post poses those questions.

If you have been reading the blog this past month, how are we doing? Are you happy with the mix of pop culture soap boxing and LICD retrospective and promotion? Are you happy with the 500 word average or would you rather longer, more involved posts like today’s post on LFG about Rise of Skywalker’s lack of hype?

If you can take a minute to comment, that will help us get you the content you’re most interested in.

Now you know,