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It’s Blog! It’s Blog! It’s Back, It’s Funny, It’s Words

LICD blogs are back?!

For Real?

For real!

Look, we’ve all appreciated being taunted by an opportunity for commissioned Lar art that expired so long ago it could have taken a baby to term, but that’s not the purpose of the LICD blog. This blog was once as valuable a tool for connecting with our fans. We didn’t just share news, we shared ourselves. That gave our fans icebreakers to bring up at conventions when they met us. I know I felt like I knew Moss before meeting him because I was a regular reader of The Gutters blog. I read the comic too, but it was just one of the many reasons I logged on. And by many, I mean two.

I like insight into the media I consume. It’s like how after I watch a movie I go to its IMDB page. Why just yesterday it occurred to me that I may have never read Zapped Again’s trivia. (Did you know it was Sue Ane Langdon’s final cinematic appearance?)

Will Anything Ever Be The Same Again?

After years of the blog’s lack of activity (lacktivity) being somewhere between an albatross and a joke, we’ve committed to bringing the blog back. Our goal is to bring back everything we all loved about the old blogs.

We will be sharing what’s on our minds, plugging the media we’re enjoying, keep our audience informed about important LICD news, and occasionally just screw round. You can also expect some fun throwbacks to the history of LICD in both stories and art from the Larchive. I’ll be coordinating the content, which will be written by the lovely and talented Lar deSouza , Jeff Moss, and myself.

And you are?

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been with Blind Ferret for five years in various creative roles. The most audience facing was when I was designing merch for our brands. Unfortunately, we weren’t designing many LICD products during that time, so other than a few t-shirts, the only LICD item you might know me for is the Sloppy Seconds expansion of the Lest I Could Do card game. Maybe I’ll go into the design of that expansion in a future blog post.

Also fun, I inspired Llama’s name. I took over product development after the Llama plush went into production. Even though this wasn’t my project, it was my responsibility when the sample arrived.  So I brought it into Sohmer’s office and declared “It’s a Llama dolly.”

As Sohmer does whenever I kill it with a pun, he groaned, threatened my life, and asked me to leave. However, a few days later, Llama had a canon first name.

In case you are one of the few people who doesn’t appreciate a good pun (commonly known as the misinformed minority), hopefully the near future gives us more opportunities to get to know each other.

Now you know,