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A Sleepover? Alpaca Plush!

Wednesdays is our weekly Visit To The Warehouse, where we take a closer look at the merch of yester years, sharing stories or exploring what we were thinking.

Least I Could Do is at its best when it is a reflection of our current state, holding a mirror to the zeitgeist and daring it to blink. It storms into your bedroom and asks if you had enough protein today, because protein is important and in a lot of fatty foods so if you’re trying to have a low fat diet, you might be accidentally protein starving.

But sometimes, we’re ahead of the curve. For example: Llama.


Llama (or Dolly, as we discussed Monday) has been sprinkling a combination of chaos and chill in the comic since 2005 as a randomly occurring talking animal with the trademark laid back attitude of a stoner. Llamas have just grown in popularity since! Oprah magazine even asked “Are Llamas the New Unicorns?

The ddata doesn’t lie!

Least I Could Do hasn’t had much merch outside of books and t-shirts, but Llama was a rare exception. And a well earned one. A lot of Least I Could Do characters come and go but Llama has filled an important role as Rayne’s foil and guru. Rarely is Rayne caught off guard (was gonna say “caught with his pants down” but that would be a lie), but Llama regularly throws him off his game with unexpected wisdom or a simple phrase that forces Rayne to be the one looking in the mirror and asking if he had enough protein.

The Llama plush perfectly captures our ddude’s nonchalance, and the soft fuzz makes him a great cuddle buddy for fans of all ages, and the children of fans of all ages.

Before you dash off to the shop to get one for the llama llover in your llife, you should know that a storewide sale in the Blind Ferret Shop is starting soon. Wait a week and you can get yourself and your friends Llama plushes for a fraction of the price. Check back at the blog on the reg for the official announcement.

*W-A-R-E HOUSE. Get your head out of the gutter!