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You HAVE To Watch: What?

No, I’m not recommending a show called What? for you to track down and binge. I’m looking for suggestions.

In every installment of You HAVE To Watch, I spotlight a show that is either surprisingly good, or deserves its cult following. When fans of the shows recommend it, it’s hard to describe it because the main quality that sets it apart is, well, quality.

What Should I Watch?

Many of the shows I’m watching now don’t need my endorsement (Book of Boba Fett). Others I like, but I don’t like like them (Locke & Key, Witcher). And the rest it’s too soon to tell (Murderville, The Legend of Vox Machina).

So, I turn to you all. What’s a show you think I should watch because it’s very good at being the show it is. My tastes vary, but you can read over past You HAVE To Watch installments if you want to make an educated recommendation.

Currently, I’m subscribed to Netflix, Disney+ (which, in Canada, includes Star), and Amazon Prime, but I’m willing to give a new service a free trial to check a show out. I’m also interested in shows new and old. There are classics I’ve missed, and I value a good kick in the butt to get me to give them a look. Now, maybe I’ve already seen some of your recommendations. Well, they might end up the focus of a future You HAVE To Watch.

Now you know,