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Who Knew?

On February 10th, 2003, I posted a shitty little comic to a shitty little website.

10 years, 3104 Daily Strips, 223 Beginnings Strip, 18 Books, 14 Site re-designs, 2 slogans and a supportive readership I never would’ve thought existed.

And here we are. 10 years later.

On behalf of myself and Lar, everyone who works behind the scenes to make this all possible –Randy, Becker, Fred, Steph, Jay, Ari, Will, Marc, Mel, Stone, Alex, Pierre, Philippe, Moss and the guy who brings us our hot chocolate-

Thank you.

I’m sure I’ll be feeling more retrospective as we celebrate this milestone over the next month, but for today? The 2nd Decade of Least I Could Do begins now.

I think this decade is gonna kick the shite out of the last decade.


-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“I’m thinking about putting this on the internet…”
– Ryan Sohmer (2003)