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When It Began

Thursdays are BF-Ginnings on, where we look back on Blind Ferret’s long history and share interesting trivia and commentary.

Growing up, it felt like decades had clear identities. The Roaring 20s, the Dirty 30s, the World War 2ish 40s, the Conservative 50s, the Hippie 60s, the Hippies (cont’d) 70s, the Neon 80s, the Grungy 90s. And then, full stop.

Maybe it’s because I reached a certain age and my perception changed. Maybe the Internet age made the world too complicated to sum up so simply. Maybe the lack of vocabulary for oughts and 10s meant we didn’t think in the same terms because we couldn’t communicate in the same way (kind of like how I have no idea what the 1910s were like. Was that still the old West? It might as well be. [I honestly didn’t know so I looked it up. Old West ended in 1912. Are you telling me that there were only eight years between how I picture the American Frontier and how I picture the 1920s? Go home, history, you’re drunk!])

All this to say, Least I Could Do debuted February 2nd, 2003. That may not seem that long, but it was only three years removed from Y2K. Conversely, it’s been three years plus twice as long as the time between the American Frontier and the 1920s. Yes, that should perfectly put it into perspective.

OK, in case weird time-based calculous doesn’t help, here are some facts about February 2nd, 2003 was:

How long ago?

How long ago was February 2nd, 2003?

  • Over 147 000 hours
  • Over 8 000 000 minutes
  • More than 70 000 back-to-back viewings of A New Hope
  • Over 50 viewings of the MCU movies from Iron Man to End Game.

Older than…

Speaking of the MCU, here are some things that didn’t exist when Least I Could Do launched:

  • Revenge of the Sith
  • iPads
  • Podcasts
  • The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the theory)
  • Nintendo Wii
  • YouTube

Not to mention…

Here are a few more fun facts about February 2, 2003:

  • Least I Could Do is part of Generation Z
  • The hilariously eclectic box office top ten was:
    National Security (10), About Schmidt (9), Catch Me If You Can (8), Darkness Falls (7), The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (6), Chicago (5), Biker Boyz (4), Kangaroo Jack (3), Final Destination 2 (2), The Recruit (1).
  • Mr Rogers was still alive
  • Greta Thunberg is 1 month older than LICD. And she’s accomplished almost as much as this comic!


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