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Warehouse Orders Update

We kicked off the new year needing to move warehouses. Was it the start to 2020 we hoped for? Yes, obviously. What more could we ask for than headaches for us and our customers.

Naturally, that’s a big old lie. It’s been a pain in the butt that forced us to close our stores for an indeterminant amount of time and meant we had to scramble to get orders out before our wares were inaccessible.

Greg just let me know that the scramble was successful:

  • Barring orders with delivery issues, all of our outstanding Kickstarters are currently fulfilled.
  • Store orders that came in before the January 6th shut down are also 100% fulfilled, and there are currently 0 orders in the store.

I consider this a big win for the warehouse team. As frustrating as this whole situation is, the worst part was leaving customers in a lurch. Especially after two months of pushing a sale. Shout out to our warehouse peeps for pulling this off!