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The Friday Thing

Listen, here’s the thing.

All the kids are doing it, (and Moss is making me do this, under duress, please send help) so we’re doing a little Black Friday sale of our own-

That’s it, nice and simple. The Sale begins 12:01 am this Thursday.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support, it’s what let’s us keep doing this here thing.

(Moss made me say that. Why won’t you help me?)

-Because I Can.

To New York

As my staff love to constantly point out, it’s been far too long since my last blog post. For those hoping for a few paragraphs of my eternal wisdom, today unfortunately will not be that day.

In a few short hours, I’m off, heading for New York to attend New York Comic Con!

Lar, Moss and myself will be at Booth #1729 for the duration of the week (month).

Please come see us, I get oh so lonely.

More from me upon my return!

-Because I Can.