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The Return of Ustream!

I’ve missed you!

Okay maybe not ‘you’ specifically, especially if you were able to come on out to one of the oh-so-many conventions we’ve been traipsing about to during the past few months but … okay nevermind. It is you. You right there. Because a lot of ‘you’ are apparently also watchers of my Friday night Ustream!! And since we are done with the official Blind Ferret Convention season for 2014, I’m looking forward to leaping back onto the internet tubages to spend a lively evening drawing, drinking and definitely enjoying the company of all those who jump into the chatroom to keep me company from 8pm tonight till midnight (ET). For those of you lurking, that’s fine but you’ll just have to enjoy me instead of interacting. Feel free to change your mind on that as the chatroom is full of wonderful people and best of all moderators!! The best mods of the known universe will be hanging out with us keeping everyone safe from spambots, trolls and general assholery.

The fun starts a little early with some music to warm things up and then I’ll go live at the top of the hour to lead things off. I’ve got a brand new Pumpkin Spice whisky I’ll be trying out live so there’s that at least, and a plan towards some Halloweeny inspired illustration for tonight’s project.

See you in the funnies!

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