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The LICD Store: Non-Update Update

In mid-2019, Blind Ferret moved from a large office and warehouse in an industrial area of Montreal, to a downtown office without a warehouse.

“Then where shall we house our wares?” we asked.

It was decided that we would deemphasize physical merch. We had a big sale on the webstore to move as much product as we could, then stored the rest. The storage facility was far less accessible than the warehouse, so it wasn’t a solution to losing our warehouse.

Recently, there’s been an increase in interest in the store. So, first of all, thank you. T-shirt, book, and curio sales helped the company establish itself in the early days of publishing comics online. Merch also gave us something to stock the shelves with at cons, and an excuse to meet our fans all around the world. Con shenanigans are highlights of most of our time here.

All that to say, trust us, we’d love to reopen the online store.

Which brings us to the purpose of this update.

100+ Closed Sign Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

The store remains closed.

To no one’s surprise, for the majority of the time we’ve been in the new office, we haven’t been in the new office. By happy coincidence, the move away from physical goods made it easier to move away from a shared physical space.

We plan on ending our work from home operations soonish (with eyes on the Delta variant dictating how soonish). Until that happens, there’s no plans to take another crack at solving the logistical puzzles of reopening the online store.

That’s not a “no”. It’s a “not now” and “not sure when”.