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The 10th Annual LICD Valentine’s Date Contest

Last year, was the first time in almost a decade that we missed one of our most loved traditions here at LICD;

And that my friends, is the Valentine’s Day Date Contest.

Indeed, we missed it last year for two reasons. The first, being the great server crash of ’13 and the second, for what I hope you’ll agree was good cause- the birth of the Sohmer twins. So yes, it was a rather hectic time and piling on a contest which would have messed up our buffer was not something I could do.

However, the little monkeys are almost a year old, and it’s time to put things on their proper path.


The 10th Annual LICD Valentine’s Date competition is now open.

For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, or perhaps you’ve only recently discovered LICD, here it is in brief. Valentine’s Day Date Contest is the chance for you to win a date with the LICD Character of your choice. I will then write a storyline featuring you, and Lar will draw you in his style.

To enter, simply head on over to this page and fill in all the information. Please note that all the fields must be filled in, and a picture uploaded. Everyone from everywhere is eligible. E-mails or any other form of communication are not accepted as entries and are deleted.

Have fun with it, be creative and both Lar and I are looking forward to going through ten thousand entries.

Contest closes February 7th, 2013.

Now, bombard me with nudity.

-Because I Can.

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