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Sun of a Sun

Here at Blind Ferret, we’re avid consumers of a lot of media, much of which is science fiction and fantasy. One example is Karl Schroeder’s Sun of Suns, book one of his Virga series. Here’s what Sohmer said about it in a blog post from so long ago (June 2009) that I couldn’t even find it in the archive:

And I’m Off
For the most, I’ll pick up a new novel/graphic novel based on a recommendation. Either from a reader, a friend, a magazine or from an author whose work I enjoy. Very rarely will I pick up a book at random while perusing the shelves at a book store and pick something completely new and unheard of.
Very rarely, but it does happen. It did happen, in fact, quite recently.
A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were in our book store as part of our Sunday night book store ritual, and while looking for something to add to my growing pile of books, I came across the cover of a book that simply demanded to be picked up.
The book I speak of, is Sun of Suns, by Karl Schroeder. Hypnotized, I purchased the book, and immediately began reading it.
Since that fateful day, I’ve read through the 3 books of the Virga series, all by Schroeder, and I’m anxiously awaiting more.
The moral of the little tale?
First, read the series for yourself, and secondly, sometimes judging a book by its cover can lead to something great.
– Because I Can.

Sohmer, June 2009

Sun of Suns left such an impression, we adapted into Virga, an original trade paperback a few years later:

Virga is a steampunk, sky pirate epic about a world, Slipstream, that follows a meteor containing its sun. In travels through Virga, a world without gravity. Slipstream’s presence wreaks havok upon Virga, driving our hero, Hayden, to try to stop it.

Moss adapted Schroeder’s book, Sohmer edited it, and the stunning art was by Guy Allen.

This was one of only two books we adapted into original graphic novels. Sales weren’t there to justify more, unfortunately, but it wasn’t for lack of quality. But don’t take my word for it! Virga is currently on sale for only $5. Consider picking it up, especially if you are buying anything else during the Blind Ferret Shop blowout.