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Summer TeeVee

Before anything else, a quick Kickstarter update:

  • A day in, and we’re a third the way into our goal.
  • We’ve opened up a few more spots to have a cameo in an actual strip
  • We’ve also opened up more of the Complete LICD Library, to own all 13 books in one single swoop.

As we past the halfway mark through August, it’s beginning to dawn on me that summer is nearing it’s natural conclusion. And with that, what better time to talk about the summer television shows I’ve been indulging in:

Falling Skies, TNT

I’ve enjoyed this series since it’s inception, and while they’re clearly trying to wrap everything in a little bow, I have a feeling the remaining episodes are going to deliver the big fight we’ve been longing for.

That said, a huge disappointment for me on the show was the character of Pope, and what they’ve done to and with him this season.

Pope went from a multi layered and interesting character (dare I say the most interesting of the series) into a cartoonish version of an evil man with the simple act of shaving his head. Disappointing.

Salem, WGN

Though the first season was far stronger than the second, I’ll still be tuning into next summer’s third; mostly for the joy of screaming ‘WIIIITCH’ everytime a new character shows up on screen.

Legion, Scifi (I refuse to use the other spelling)

This show has no business being a show, and yet here we are. It’s good fun, and the world building elements are strong enough to make me ignore the central plot, which revolves around everyone’s daddy issues.

Hell on Wheels, AMC

While never as popular as it’s Zombie-related brethren, this AMC series is superior in every way that matters.

It’s a series that re-invents itself every season yet still understands what it is at it’s core. The setting and characters defy you not believe in them, and while I’ve never been a ‘Western’ guy, I love this series.

And yes, I want to be Cullen when I grow up.

The Last Ship, TNT

I don’t like supporting anything that Adam Baldwin is in, but I got into this show before he disclosed just how much a piece of work he truly is.

At the end of the day, it’s a fun summer show, and I’m pretty certain they’re angling to kill his character off pretty shortly. So that’s comforting.

Rick & Morty, Adult Swim

I’ll let Will sum up my feelings on this one, with an e-mail he sent me last week:

It’s just Will and Sohmey. WwWill and Sohmey and their adventures, Sohmey. Will and Sohmey, forever and forever, a hundred years Will and Sohmey, s… things. Me and Will and Sohmey runnin’ around and Will and Sohmey time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days Will and Sohmey forever a hundred times. Over and over Will and Sohmey adventures dot com W W W dot Will and Sohmey dot com W W W Will and Sohmey adventures all hundred years. Every minute Will and Sohmey dot com W W W hundred times Will and Sohmey dot com.


I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple of series I’ve been watching, so be sure to point them out to me in the comments!

-Because I Can..

Quote of the Day

“Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.”