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Strike a Pose

In the entertainment industry, every now and then a phenomenon happens that is beyond the realm of comprehension. So unexpected, that on the ridiculously rare chance that it happens, one does not know how to properly react.

The Phenomenon?

No one knows the exact term for it, but I like to call it ‘Being On Schedule’. I think it’s Latin for something.

Indeed, folks, production on the LICD pilot is going completely as planned. This pleases me so much that I thought I’d share another little video tidbit of the animation.

In this video, the animator are setting up the key poses for a scene involving Rayne, Noel and Logan, when Rayne arrives unexpectedly at the condo. For the last week, I’ve received between 15-30 of these every day.

After I review them, by bringing up the script, the animatic and the storyboards, I either approve or make notes. Once these poses are approved, they go back to the animators who’ll be doing the in-betweening, meaning the frames between the key poses.

If you folks enjoy this, I can start making posts like this more often, to give you more of a look inside the process.


-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“The things we do for our kids!”
– from A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)