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Nothing to mention today that would warrant a blog post in it’s own right, but together? We’ve got ourselves something to talk about. Indeed, this may be the Justice League of blog posts.

Subreddit on Reddit for Redditors

Been messing more and more with Reddit these days, and as such, thought it might be fun to setup a Subreddit for LICD. Do me a solid, and subscribe, won’t you?

LICD iOs App

Version 1.4 of the LICD iOS app has gone live, and you should grab the update right away. In addition to fixing a bunch of bugs that’ve come up since the last release, we’ve also added the ability to purchase digital copies of LICD books (DRM Free) within the app itself, not to mention the pilot for the animated series.

And before you other folks can even ask, the android version is almost complete. Just going through some final testing before we hit Google Play with it.

2 for 1 Book Sale

The 2 for 1 book sale is still going on in the LICD shop, at least until Stone remembers to shut it down. I’d advise you take advantage of it.


For almost a decade now, I’ve been using MS word to write comics and comic strips. Every couple of years I’d get the urge to try a new piece of software to see what it could do, but in the end, I’d always return to my 7,000 page word document.

That is, until last month, when I decided to try Scrivener for 30 days and see what it could do for me, with me.

And now, 30 days later, I give word the big ol’ toodle oo.

For any writers out there, I can’t recommend Scrivener enough. I’ll go in detail about it in another post, but I highly suggest you give it a shot as it’s fundamentally changed my work flow. For the better.

Storyline Archive

I really need to update that.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“Someone once asked me if I was the best future for my little girl. I’ve thought about this for long time, and here’s what I’ve decided: No one in this world is perfect. Heaven knows I’m not. But I love her more than anyone else possibly could. In the end, that’s all that matters.”
– from Death Race (2008)