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Set Sail For Bacon

Everyone wants a piece of Lar, like everyone wants a piece of bacon. Well now you can get both!

Lar is good friends with the Champion of Breaksfasts, old meat-strip head themself, Sailor Bacon. They ever bear a striking resemblance, although neither will admit to taking the others’ look. But you know what they do take? Multiple sclerosis seriously.

Donating to Lar’s annual charity drive for the MS Society of Canada is traditionally the surest way to summon Sailor Bacon. The more money Lar raised, the more appearances Sailor Bacon made at comic conventions across North America.

As much joy and awareness as these appearances made, friends and fans still needed to be where Sailor Bacon was to take in that delicious friend pork smell. What about the Sailor Bacon fans who couldn’t be in the right place at the right time?

Have no fear, the Sailor Bacon plush is here!

Exactly as adorable as the real thing, the Sailor Bacon plush raises the spirits of your other stuffed animals, and leads to a lot of important conversations as follows:

THEM: What is that?
YOU: It’s Sailor Bacon! Y’know, for charity.

Best of all, if you fry enough bacon next to your Sailor Bacon plush, the bacon smell will will quickly and permanently imprint on the soft fabric. And right now you can get your own for $10!