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Sailor Bacon Plushes!

The long wait is over! The sailors are ready to ship out!


In a grand effort to support me and my wife in our annual fundraising efforts for Multiple Sclerosis research, Sohmer and Blind Ferret have made available these adorable and somewhat disturbing Sailor Bacon plushies!! Designed by me and manufactured by the fine folks at Soft Stuff (who also donated a portion of their manufacturing costs to the MS Society of Canada!), these tiny ambassadors of hugs are now shipping from the BFE headquarters.

They are limited and unlikely to be restocked as this is a charity thing and frankly have been giving Sohmer nightmares. For everyone who has been asking about this NOW IS YOUR TIME!! Let’s sell these out!

Profits from the sale of each plush will go to the MS Society of Canada and yes, they know about it too.

Many thanks must also go to Ryan Costello for being a champion of Sailor Bacon and integral to getting this off the ground. Thanks Costello!!

Now go! Buy yours today!!