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I thought about tying this into a You HAVE To Watch This about Squid Game. Honestly? If you’re not watching Squid Game at this point, you made that choice. What am I gonna do, change your mind?

I recently updated the LICD archives. In case you didn’t know, Oculus Quest was not, in fact, the current storyline. And that’s when I came across something odd. Oddly prophetic, in fact.

Oddly Prophetic Archive Find

As I categorized the beginnings and ends of storylines from the last couple of years, I came across Subtitles: On.

It starts innocently enough…

But escalates quickly.

But with a twist ending!

“Heh,” I thought.* I understood that reference. The biggest series to ever hit Netflix: dystopian Korean drama Squid Game.

I must be almost done, I think. But then I see: Subtitles: On published January 5th, 2021. Squid Game released September 17, 2021.

Is Sohmer Psychic?

Sohmer, if you’re psychic, Teams me right now with the number I’m thinking.

(let’s give him a minute)

I guess he’s not psychic. Then how did he predict the world falling in love with dystopian Korean drama nine months before Squid Game?

On the flipside, there’s Lar. For those who don’t know, Lar titles the comics. So “Subtitles: On”? Lar’s contribution. And a controversial weigh-in on the subs v dubs debate. If Lar’s psychic, why use his powers to draw a line in these divisive times?

All That To Say

Whether one or more members of the creative team behind Least I Could Do possesses psychic powers, what a fun discovery. And, a more interesting way to announce that we’ve updated the archives.

*I think laughs sometimes. Is that normal or just me?