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Old Man Stone Fixes His Problems

“I’m old.” 

These are the rantings of an old man trapped in a middle aged man’s body. 

I lament the generation that was raised to just “buy another one”. Just fix the damn thing! How did it break! What do you mean you never cleaned it?!  

These are the things I mumble at people far too often in my life. How can someone not own a screwdriver set and some pliers and be able to change a light switch or tighten up a wobbly chair? How is it someone can use an item and let it degrade to the point where it breaks; see the aforementioned wobbly chair. And how the hell does someone let their toaster get so dirty it catches fire or a stainless steel sink get stained. 

Wouldn’t your life be better if you took the five minutes to attend to maintaining the things in your life and not let issues compound until they become problems? With the rise of the internet where you can passably learn any skill in minutes, are we so busy watching Fail videos that our own lives become one long, boring, not funny Fail video. 

I digress. Not everyone was raised to be this diligent, frugal, curious or any other adjectives that describe people that like to fix and make things. Some people legitimately don’t care or have the time. And if that doesn’t convince you, go figure out how much money you spent on things you didn’t need and haven’t used in the last two years. The items you have a sense of buyer’s regret over if you think about it *cough cough Funko Pops*. The answer might scare you. 

And that’s part of the duality of LICD; Rayne is a creature of excess and indulgence, but as he has “grown up” he constantly rails against the larger issues of corporate excess, societal brainwashing, and the responsibilities of one generation to the next. So, my question is this, where do you stand? If you side with me what are you going to do to make your life and the life of your kids or the generation after you a little better? May I suggest you go watch a video on how to do your own home repair, or car maintenance or some other skill you don’t have as opposed to another half hour on social media. Except here, you should always come here… I mean you got this old man rant for free. 

Old Man Approved

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