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BF-Ginnings – Con Season 2

Something that we used to do a lot of around the hallowed halls of Blind Ferret, was wrap up some pallets, pile onto a plane, and head to DESTINATION X for a Convention.

Sadly, it’s not something that we do much of these days (the reasons why are for another blog), but in the Year of Our Lar 2012, we were riding high, doing 10-15 shows over the course of the year. Because we are really into ourselves, we thought it might be fun to bring along our (at the time) Stock Manager, Will, and have him film us at shows getting to the wacky, zany hijinx we were know for in our youths. We’d then package it as a webseries, or documentary, or something of the like.

This is the Limited Edition Poster for the BluRay reward.

Unfortunately, “Con Season” (because we are creative titlers like that) didn’t come to pass. IN spite of that though, we did have a concept for a second season of “Con Season” that would have been… something.

For the second season, instead of following us around at various shows around the world, it would be based on one show: San Diego Comic Con.  Or more specifically, us getting to San Diego Comic Con.

The plan was for myself, Will, Lar, and Stone, to rent as ramshackle an RV as we could find. Then, we would take 2 weeks and drive from Montreal to San Diego, stopping at every tourist trap, greasy spoon, comic shop and roadside attraction along the way. Every stinky bit of it filmed for hilarity.

While this was going on, we would open every show with shots of Sohmer, comfortably eating ice cream, napping, or getting a massage in First Class on an airplane.

Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, with the halt of production on Season One, a second season became highly unlikely. So it goes, I guess. It’s one of the things that I always wanted to do around here that never left my brain, though.

Perhaps one day we will revisit this the idea and come up with a way to make it work. Until then though, it sits on the shelf in the back of my heart with all the other stuff we’ve put to paper but never saw the light of day.