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My Mom Says I’m a Catch! I’m a Pop by Lar

Like in 2016, Pokémon came in big and then totally went away, to be replaced by the next popular cool thing. In the case of February 2020, that new cool thing is avatar art in the style of Funk Pops!

We are one month closer to the May 3rd MS Walk for a Cure, the annual fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis that Lar and his wife raise money for. This month, you can get a digital avatar in the style of a Funko Pop by donating $40 (CDN) or more to their fundraising page.

Normally Lar does a caricature in the style of the month’s theme, but this month he’s branching out. Do you have a favourite character of yours, say someone you play in an RPG or have written about in fiction. Your $40, you can get art of what merchandise based on that character would look like.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to now and make your donation of $40 (or more!)
  2. Send your donation confirmation along with a photo to (mailto:[email protected]) (Want more than one person? A group? A family? Just donate PER face)
  3. Send Lar a description of the Funk Pop illustration you would like. Include a physical description of the character, their clothes, and their iconic accessories. Include reference images if you have them.
  4. Sit back and wait in gleeful anticipation for Lar to send you the art by the end of the month!

Thanks in advance! Together we can cure MS!