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MS Walk for a Cure

It’s been a busy 2013 so far, with Kickstarters and travel but as spring warms us up, it’s time to get a little more serious about getting stuff done. One of those big goals is the annual MS Walk for the Cure.

For those who may not remember, last year my wife did the 10km walk to fundraise for research into Multiple Sclerosis. My online family (that’s you) responded generously to me putting my dignity on the line with pledges totalling just over $5,000.

Well my dignity won’t come so cheap this year. If you can donate a zillion dollars to KickStarter, you can do better this year and the clock is ticking!

Some incentives along the way for you. At $2,500 I will create a high res, downloadable poster and make it available to all donators who wish it. Last year I did Darth Vader vs Batman. What will it be this season? I’m open to suggestions but only if we reach that goal. I will also do the art live on a Ustream marathon where there will be further incentives.

At $5,000 I will dye my hair again but only a single colour. I will poll for your opinions on which colour that will ultimately be. For every $1000 thereafter, an additional colour will be added to the final dye job. It took months to grow out last year. I hope our new pastor won’t mind.

At $10,000 my dignity will be fully yours. I will cosplay. I will commission a costume and wear it every Saturday of every con I attend until the end of 2013. What would that be? A Klingon? A superhero? A sailor scout? You’ll have your chance to tell me at $10,000.

One last morsel to tempt you – for every $20 donated I will put your name into a random draw for a custom character art prize. So the more you can donate, the more chances you will have to win.

The walk is May 5th this year, giving you one month to help make a difference. There have been some hugely exciting developments in the fight against MS this past year and every dollar makes a difference. We can beat this condition. Here’s the link to my wife’s donation page. If you can’t donate, you can help spread the word by retweeting and reposting this message.

Nevermind Obi-Wan. You’re the only hope this time. Please give.