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MS Fundraising follow up

Thank you to everyone who donated for the 2014 MS Walk for a Cure. Together we have raised $10,421! Sadly that is short of the $12k needed to bring Sailor Bacon back for the convention season.

HOWEVER! We have been informed by MS that they will continue to accept donations through the weblink until JUNE 1st!! Therefore, if you are one of the many folks who have been asking me about Sailor Bacon at any of the conventions there is still hope. If you wish to rally your forces to get those numbers up, you have until the end of this month. And if you do, I will carry Sailor Bacon to conventions for a full calendar year, not just until the end of 2014! That means ECCC, Calgary and Ottawa will get to see the horror that is me in a pink wig and skirt.

sailor bacon temp

Just as an aside, the thought of more Sailor Bacon fills Sohmer with dread. So if you won’t donate for charity, won’t you donate for spite? Less than $1600 is needed with less than a week to go!

As always you can donate here via Paypal or credit card

All art incentives are still active during this donation time. You can find the details in this tumblr post. 

See you in the funnies!