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A message from Unca Lar

Hey folks,

My wife and I support the Multiple Sclerosis Society through fundraising every year. My wife’s best friend (who is also godmother to daughter #1) has been living with this disease for nearly 40 years. She is an amazing high school drama teacher who touches her students lives with her creativity and discipline. In the years of our fundraising we’ve made other friends who are living with this disease or support others who do.

But no one can do this alone. Between crowdfunding and Kickstarting and Patreons there’s a huge competition for your time and money. Now, I don’t have a lot of skills but the ones I do have are part of the reason you are reading this comic. So here’s the pitch:

From now through April, I am drawing custom avatars with a different cartoon theme each month. For January that theme is Gravity Falls.

With a donation of $40 or more to our campaign I will draw your caricature/character then email you the files. A a high res png file (8″ square, 300 dpi) and a low res jpeg (for social media). You can print it, make shirts, use it on your website or business cards. Whatever. Just donate!

Go to and make your donation of $40 (or more!)

Send your donation confirmation along with a photo to me (mailto:[email protected])

I will send you back the art.

Upcoming art themes are The Muppets (February), My Little Pony (March), Rick and Morty and Yellow Submarine (April). Collect the set!! Get a tax deductible receipt! Feel superior to your lesser non charity giving friends!