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Apologies again for the radio silence, but I’ve spent the last month putting 3 books together, as I apparently thought doing that many books at a time was a good idea.

It was not. But the books are going to be gorgeous so I suppose it was worth it or whatever.

Lar pointed out something a couple weeks ago that I would’ve completely missed.

On Monday, December 21, there will of course be a new LICD strip. What’s notable however, is that strip will be #4000.


Not including the 372 Beginnings strips we’ve done, Monday will be the 4000th Least I Could Do published.

Normally these milestones tend to pass me by without notice, but it’s hard to look at that number without at least thinking-

“Only 6000 to go until the big 10k”.

Quote of the Day

“I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue than why I have one.”
-Marcus Porcius Cato