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LICD Pin Club

We started a little something fun over at the LICD Patreon. It’s called The LICD Pin Club (I voted for Rayne’s Little Prick) and well, I’ll let Moss explain-

Hey all!

As you may have noticed, we’ve added a new tier to the Patreon, that of the LICD Pin Club!

Patrons at this level will get an exclusive LICD pin sent to them every month, they just need to be signed up by the last day of the month to get that month’s pin! These are hand-crafted in our shop, each one unique in it’s own right.

These wooden pins are done on Birch, Walnut and 2 different kinds of Mahogany!

Yes, Moss is super excited about his wood.

For more information on the Pin Club, head on over to Patreon:

-Because I Can.
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