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LICD Fans Seeking LICD Tees

Let me begin by saying that this is not an announcement that the store’s reopening. Rather, it’s about an oddly specific pair of e-mails I received recently.

First, a longtime fan contacted me about replacing his well-loved, decade-old Racoons With Lightsabers t-shirt.

It was nice to hear from a fan, and as a t-shirt guy, I could relate to his struggle. I asked around the office to see what we could do for him. Unfortunately, we ran out of that classic print long ago, and no one had one in their personal collection.

Then, a longtime fan contacted me about replacing his well-loved, decade-old I’m Not A Credible Source t-shirt.

To be clear, these are the first and only e-mails like this I’ve ever received.

Again, I asked around the office but to no avail. Our shirts typically saw one, maybe two print runs before being retired for the next design. So as much as we’d love to help out fans in need, we haven’t had access to these shirts in a long time.

I replied to our Not Credible fan telling them the bad news, then got an idea immediately after hitting Send. Like I said, I’m a t-shirt guy. And some of my t-shirts stopped fitting, but I’m not ready to let them go. Onto the storage shelf they went. So it occurred to me: Maybe some of our fans still have these shirts even though they aren’t in their rotation.

If you have a classic LICD shirt that you’re willing to donate to a fellow fan who would give it a good home, let me know! E-mail [email protected] and I’ll act as intermediary in the foster t-shirt process. To avoid things getting messy and putting ourselves in a bad situation, our fans can’t ask for money or other compensation.