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Larchive Friday – What We All Came Here To See

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces. Sometimes there will be a theme, or a reason behind the choices. Other times there will be none.

You can’t be an artist without learning to draw bare skin. Because drawing is life and life drawing is naked butts.

Lar’s drawn his share of naked butts and bare skin in his time on LICD. Here’s a selection of some bare Lar skin you might not have seen before.

Drawing is life
Given that stuff in cans like that can kill him, even Sohmer can find something offensive about this picture.
Pictured: Paywall

Most You Can See

I don’t think there’s a single volume of Least I Could Do that doesn’t feature at least one butt (usually Rayne’s). As mentioned on our last trip to the Larchives, Lar inked and painted the cover of Least I Could Do Year 1: I Have My Moments, making it the first LICD nudity Lar was partially responsible for. You can get it and most Least I Could do collected volumes for $5 during the Blind Ferret Shop blowout sale, on now!