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Is What I Say

Like 24 million of my closest American friends, I watched last night’s GOP debate. And while at no point did Trump wield a sword and yell ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED’, I was nonetheless entertained.

Saddened, yes, but entertained.

If you were looking for my thoughts on the night, they can be easily found on my twitter feed. Careful though, I use a great deal of profanity.

My plans for tonight include watching the Canadian debate which aired opposite the US one, as well as Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show. I can assume more sadness will ensue.

On the bright side however, I’m playing Paintball on Sunday, which is my most favorite of pasttimes. That said, if you have any interest, I’ve been doing a few comics about my love of the game over at Medium. Be sure to check those out.

And lastly, still looking for some videos and we’ll be accepting them all weekend. See this post for more details.

Have a great weekend, folks, I’ll see you back here Monday morning.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“What I Say is What I Say”
-Donald Trump