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Emerald City Comic Con is always a fantastic trip but it’s good to be home. The con heralds the start of our spring convention season but I’ve got a good month or so at home so it’ll be nice to get into my Ustream groove again on Friday nights.

Real life is once again proving better than any fiction or comic. Oh forget those lame child celebrities who are expecting praise because they did what was contractually expected of them. I’m talking exciting news like the new bacteria Russian scientists have found in the glacial waters beneath Antartica! Like something out of science fiction, it’s DNA is over 86% different than all other life on Earth (as we know it). That’s staggering! and just even more exciting to learn how diverse and wonderful our planet is.

There’s a lovely video of Penn Jillette, magician par excellence and noted Atheist, absolutely schooling Piers Morgan on his understanding of the Catholic Church. Piers claims to be a Catholic but he’s a very ignorant and self centered one apparently. Of course, it is Piers Morgan we’re talking about so ignorant and self-centered are on his resume. Nevertheless it was wonderful to see Jillette’s exchange with him.

And just so you don’t think I’m all about the wonder and majesty of God and Science, my favorite thing today was reading the livetweets of one @grawly from last night. This fellow was enjoying a little personal time with a battery operated toy when it got away from him. After finishing up, he made his way to the local ER to have the still vibrating dildo removed from his ass. The entire run of his tweets, including x-ray pics, can be found in a number of places online and if you want a good laugh or just a testimonial for Energizer batteries, I recommend looking it up.

Tonight’s Ustream will start at the usual time of 8pm ET and run on to midnight. I’ve got a couple of avatar commissions to do, one of which should get pretty dark so if you’d like to see what I consider horrific, tune in later in the evening.

I also need to ask folks how to best sacrifice my dignity for this year’s MS fundraising. Last year you kindly donated $5000 to my wife’s MS walk and in return I dyed my beard and hair a rainbow mess. This year we’re aiming for $10,000! What will it take to get your wallets open for that? Please leave a comment or drop in on tonight’s chat to let me know your opinion.

You can donate to my wife’s MS Walk here:

Music starts a little before the hour and the stream will go live at 8pm, with the mods keeping the party live in the chat room. Hope you can drop by! 🙂 Here’s the link!

See you in the funnies!
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