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Happy birthday to me!

Hey children! Unca Lar here. I know I know. I’ve been neglecting the whole posting thing but I still love you all. Well most of you. Don’t think I don’t see you shamefully touching yourself there Bob.

Anyhow as many of you know my birthday is coming up on Hallowe’en! What’s that? I hear you say “Lar’s birthday is Hallowe’en?! That explains a lot!” Yeah, Bob. Real original. Never heard that one before.

Regardless, I’m not here to ask for anything. I’m a cartoonist. On any given day I’m drawing monsters or boobs or both. I got it good. I need for nothing and want for little. So I’ve got gift for you. Yes, potentially even Bob.

Everyone who buys a Sailor Bacon plush by Hallowe’en will automatically be entered into a draw for some original artwork. I’ve created five 8.5×11 pop culture Richard ink drawings and one 11×14 Richard Mermaid painting. In addition to the raffle remember that $5 of every Sailor Bacon purchase goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada to help researchers find cures and therapies for this terminal disease. Yes I will ship the art world wide – you don’t have to celebrate Hallowe’en to qualify. Yes if you buy more than one Sailor Bacon it counts as more than one entry in the raffle. Also shipping of the plush is FREE!

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Happy birthday everyone and happy Hallowe’en.