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Happy Artificial Holiday!

Indeed! It’s Valentine’s Day here in North America and many people are rediscovering the sexist baggage they didn’t know they were still carrying around. There is not even a pretense of equality as men are expected to fawn over many of their women with lavish temporal signs of love that is judged more by the dollars expended than any real thought behind scheduling together time.

This is not to say I have been innocent of it, but thankfully my wife and I have never really been into the forced duties of the day. As they say “down that path lay madness’. Kisses will be exchanged. Love will be declared, but if it’s not special every time maybe you’re doing something wrong. Have fun dammit, not stress!

In China since the 1990s singles have declared Nov 11 to be ‘Singles Day’. A day for the unattached to just get together and have a beer or something. The date was chosen because 11/11 looks like the Chinese character for ‘bachelor’. It has since turned into a huge advertising opportunity and on Valetines many singles get together to ‘prank’ couples by buying up alternate seats in movie theatres (so couples can’t sit together) or booking up all the reservations for two at fancy restaurants.

I sincerely hope you have someone special, friends or lovers, in your life not just tonight but always. And if you’re looking to add someone why not drop by my Ustream tonight? I’ve got a playlist of ‘almost’ love songs to share and tonight’s drawing theme will be ‘relationships’. Drop by the chat room and add your suggestions as to who I could draw together? The mods will be in the ModPod to keep the fun safe from bots and spammers as usual. Why not make my Ustream a nice cheap date 😉

The stream goes live at 8pm ET and runs till midnight! I hope you’ll click the link and join us.

See you in the funnies!

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