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GenCon; Booth #2129

Oh man, oh man, it is almost that time of year again.

In a few short hours, at the crack ass of stupid, I will be boarding a plane to Philadelphia and then another, smaller, less agile plane to Indianapolis for GenCon.

Lar, Randy, Moss, Will, Shayna, Greg, Krystal, Costello, Tom and myself will be at Booth #2129 for the best 4 days of gaming.

At our booth, not only can you buy a myriad of things (new things!), but we’ve also made an exclusive Jumpmaster Julie card to be used in the LICD Card game, that can be yours if you know the magic word.

If you’re at the show, you have no excuse not to come pay us a visit. And if you don’t, I’ll know.

I always know.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“Science is magic that works.”
-Kurt Vonnegut