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Friday Lart – Shots Fired

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

Skipping the why, we don’t produce physical merchandise for Least I Could Do at the moment. Still, as a fan of the comic, part of me misses them. And as a fan of things. But most of all, as our former product developer.

Of the different hats I’ve worn working here, product developer was a highlight. I’m not a visual person. Not in my art, not even in how I think. So it was a treat to see blobby, abstract ideas turned into visual and then physical mediums by talented artists. For today’s Friday Lart, enjoy the various passes of the art Lar made for the classic Least I Could Do shot glasses.

Shots Through The Heart

The LICD shot glasses predate my time with the company. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in person. Honestly, I’m not positive they actually got made. This might be a blast from the past, or it might be insight into what might have been. Either way, here is the art Lar made for a line of Least I Could Do shot glasses.

I love how our non-Rayne merch reminds me of how the secondary cast of LICD evolves.

As someone who got into the comic years into its run, I forget how important Cyndi is to longtime readers. Suck For A Buck went from popular recurring background character to (for now) retired. And Issa doesn’t show up as much these days, and her underwear shows up even less.

But we’ll always have Llama, even if his first name wasn’t known at the time.

Merch For A Buck

Different materials, companies, and production processes demand different art files. From file extensions, to colour mapping, and general presentation, there’s more to creating art for merch than a pretty picture.

Here’s a good example. For a monochromatic image, which elements should be black and which should be white? In the first two black and white images with white backgrounds, you might think filled in hair and dress with clear skin looks right. Now, look what happens when you add digital alcohol to the shot glass. Suddenly, filled in skin looks like the right choice. Then the question is which shot glass setting -empty of full- to design for.

Bottoms Up

If you own LICD shot glasses, feel free to share pics on the Rayne Summers Facebook page.