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Friday Lart – Rememeber

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

In the latest episode of Know Direction Beyond, a podcast on my Pathfinder and Starfinder gaming network that I’m absolutely shamelessly sef-promoting, but also referencing for context, Starfinder designer John Compton made a sweet “I’m prepared to move forward, Judge. I’m not a cat” reference.

It reminded me of how fleeting and situational social media humour is. Lar, being such a fast artist and a humourist with his finger on the pulse, captures many of these comedic landmarks in his cartoons.

Here are a few examples of comedy gold we all talked about for a solid few days, maybe even a week, over the last year.

Zoom Cat Lawyer / I’m Not a Cat

In February 2021 (far fewer months ago than I estimated), a lawyer on a serious, law-related call with a judge, couldn’t figure out how to turn off his cat filter. As the exasperated lawyer’s eyes darted around the face of a kitten, he said in his smoky, caricature voice that he is ready to proceed. Then, best of all, this sad wittle kitty assures the judge “I’m not a cat.”

“Why would he say that?” we all asked with a laugh. Lar knows why.

Bernie Sanders Wearing Mittens Sitting in a Chair

Did any image capture the conclusion of the US presidential election mood like Bernie Sanders sitting in the cold, looking grumpy, wearing the most Vermont mittens ever?

After what I’ll call the failed Trump experiment, Joe Biden’s successful election represented a return to normalcy. No one was exited about normalcy. It was better than the lunacy that preceded it. But a lot of people who voted Biden regretted the missed opportunity of President Bernie. And although he endorsed Biden previously, the energy from this picture that went bananas viral said Sanders regretted it most of all.

Like how Funko captures every moment of even minor cultural significance, Lar turned Bernie into a Pop!

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

Speaking of presidents, Donald Trump’s legacy in and out of the presidency includes his habit of portraying his small victories as the greatest achievements of mankind. Sorry, he didn’t portray them that way. He heard someone else describe them that way. He always quoted someone else, without saying who.

The most mindbending example came late in his presidency. Trump went on and on about the soundness of his mind. His example: Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.

Watching the man who oversaw the world’s largest army repeat “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV” was surreal. Lar’s art didn’t even embellish the moment. The comedy wrote itself.


This was a personal favourite of mine. The classic Simpsons line “Do you remember ALF? He’s back! In Pog form!” is a nesting doll of brilliance that spoke to me in a way the Simpsons at its best always did.

Milhouse’s enthusiasm for ALF Pogs despite the multiple layers of uselessness they represent perfectly contrasts Bart’s sadness that Milhouse sold Bart’s soul for them.

Earlier this year, we all caught on that NFTs were the latest transparent capitalist ploy to make money selling nothing. Lar captured the moment with Milhouse bragging about his Non-Fungible Tokens of everyone’s favourite Alien Life Form.