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Friday Lart – Loki What Lar Has Here

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

Ah, the modern pace of media. Where a show that wrap its season less than two weeks ago can feel like old news.

Hey, remember Loki? Lar remembers. And he went a little wild with homage art. Here are some of the highlights:


May be a cartoon of text

Even knowing how deep Lar’s well of pop culture knowledge runs, I never expected a Loki/Duke Igthorn. I don’t even know how long it would have taken me to recognize the reference if I hadn’t introduced my girls to Gummi Bears last year.

See You Later

May be an illustration

Obviously Loki Gator was the breakout variant, and a lot of memes had fun inserting him into popular MCU scenes.

What I love so much about the scene Lar chose is that it perfectly captures the Thor/Loki MCU dynamic. I haven’t read much Thor, but my understanding in the comics is that Marvel Loki betrayed Thor in his first appearance, and spent the majority of his 50 years of existence as a Thor villain.

The MCU’s emphasis on their complex brotherly relationship, with them on the same side at some point in almost every movie they appear in together, made me like both character more. Usually Loki betrays Thor then bears his soul and asks for forgiveness. Get Help is a rare scene of Thor being the one taking advantage of his brother. If that’s how my brother treated me, I might stab him as a prank too.


May be a cartoon

Hear me out. If two cartoon characters have the same creator, but then they’re drawn by different artists, aren’t all cartoon characters Variants of each other?

No… No, that makes no sense. Like, there’s something there, but not that. I’m sorry you heard me out…

Hello Mjolnir!

May be a cartoon

Michigan J. Throg. Nuff said.

Speaking of “Nuff said…”

Koala Loki


As Lar put it, “Koala Loki. Just because. Enjoy.”