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Friday Lart – Like No Cheese You’Ve Ever Tasted

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

When I was 8 or 9, watching Entertainment Tonight with my parents, they covered the winners of an animated short film festival. The report included a few clips from the films, including a Claymation scene in which zoo animals answer questions about their lives. I vividly remember a turtle talking about books in a British accent. This was just the funniest thing to me. But when I tried to explain why I thought it was so funny to friends at school the next day, I was met with blank stares.

I didn’t realize at the time how much the animation added to the writing and performance. The designs. The naturalistic movement. The way the mouths went way wider than the face when it hit certain syllables. It all hypnotized me. This turned out to be Creature Comforts, my introduction to Nick Park and the Aardman Animations style.

And now Lar is offering avatars in that smooth, wide-eyed character Aardman style in exchange for donations to the MS Society.

Rules to Gromit

From now until March 31st, 2022, donate $40 to the MS Society and Lar will make you an Aardman Caricature avatar. If you’d like to include a second person, say you and your dog teaming up like Wallace and Gromit, Lar asks for an additional $40 donation per additional face.

  1. Go to
  2. Donate $40 or more for an avatar, plus $40 for every extra face.
  3. Email your donation confirmation to [email protected] along with a current selfie and any requests.
  4. Lar will email you a high res JPEG to print and a low res jpeg for social media.

All avatars will be delivered on or before April 8th, 2022.