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Friday Lart – Lar Warm Up

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

I only recently found out that artists warm up. I guess it never occurred to me because, as a writer, I can loop back and fix sentences I don’t like or even delete entire paragraphs without having to start my work over. But artists, even using modern programs with fancy layering options, don’t have the same flexibility.

So when artists set out to draw for a purpose, first they draw to work out their art parts. Mostly their hands and brains, but I once saw a painter who could get surprisingly elaborate landscapes using only her boobs. It wasn’t Lar.

As a none artist, I marvel at the quality of the artwork a professional like Lar creates as a warm-up. Speaking of Marvel.

Spidey And His Amazing Toy

I didn’t realize Disney had a new animated series featuring Spider-Man’s amazing friends. Sadly, it’s not Iceman and Firestorm this time (characters I still remember fondly from the classic Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends series).

Smartly, Spidey And His Amazing Friends features Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales, two characters with great designs and growing popularity hampered with alternate reality backstories that might alienate younger viewers. This series and their prominence in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse continues non-MCU attempts to establish them as A-list Marvel characters.

Also in both the new Spidey series and in Spider-Verse: Some kind of Spider-Bot. In this case, it’s an adorable lab assistant to Peter Parker, lovingly recreated by Lar in this week’s first piece:

May be a cartoon

Does Whatever a Duck-tective Can

Continuing the Spider-Man theme, here’s a wonderful mash-up of Gravity Falls’ Grunkle* Stan and Iron-Man, accompanied by Duck-tective as Spider-Man.

May be an illustration

The wordplay kicks this piece off, but Lar drives it home with clever implementation. Stan’s trademark fez worked in the cylindrical shape of the helmet, a helmet that his prominent ears and nose do not fit into. The Magic 8-Ball from his cane as the suit’s arc reactor. It’s also easy to see Stan casting himself as a Tony Stark type, rich, powerful, and invincible.

Near as I can tell, the Duck-Tective/Spider-Man mash-up is just because.

Fairy Different

Speaking of just because, Lar drew this Willow tree fairy because, in his words, “Been awhile since I’ve drawn something pretty.” Rayne may take exception to that comment, but there’s not arguing that Lar succeeded here.

May be a cartoon

It’s nice to see Lar work in a style and with colours outside of his standard fare.

Check back in next week for more of Lar’s amazing art, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for pieces like these and more.

*According to the Gravity Falls wiki, it’s Grunkle, with a K. Which confuses me, since it’s a mash-up of Great Uncle. Most of Gravity Falls’ mysteries intrigue me and lead to a fascinating web of elaborate connections and thoroughly thought out decisions by the creators. Near as I can tell, in this case it’s just that series creator Alex Hirsch preferred the K spelling.