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Friday Lart – Glorious Pride

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

We’ve been celebrating Pride with fervor at the office. The sexual preferences run the gamut in our studio, and a few proactive staff have organized activities and resources for fun and education. While Lar doesn’t work in the same physical space as the rest of us, when it comes to supporting LGBTQIA+ rights and freedoms, he lives in the same head space. So today’s Friday Lart is dedicated to Pride.

Spot On

In response to the backwards but vocal reaction some pundits had to Disney recent decision to put Minnie Mouse in pants, Lar drew Minnie and Daisy in front of the lesbian flag.

Am Trans

Sometimes the key to cleverness is finding an idea anyone could have but no one has. Inverting Trans Am and recolouring the logo to match the Trans Pride flag is so simple, a non-illustrator like me could do it. But Lar’s not just an artist because he makes pretty pictures. He’s a creative genius. One who made a copy of this piece with the colours inversed.

Being Seen

For Pride and LGBTQIA+ support pieces, Lar often illustrates a row of characters, each a colour of the rainbow. This particular one, however, stands out to me. The tag line is powerful and on point, it plays on expectations and assumptions, and even Kermit in his default colour gets a touch of flare.

While We’re Here…

OK, yes, it’s Pride month, but what if you don’t observer? There’s more to June than just showing your support for a historically (and currently) oppressed minority group. So here’s a totally piece Lar did to celebrate that June is also a celebration of unicorns, known as Junicorn:

Now you know,