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Friday Lart – Deal With It

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

Knowing Lar, he probably has a mind palace with floor to ceiling filing cabinets full of ideas for art, at least one wall of which is dedicated to themes for MS Society fundraiser avatars. So the answer to “how does he come up with this stuff” is probably the boring but accurate “his brain”.

But let’s imagine a less boring answer.

Why Cards?

There are plenty of artist at the 888 Casino, but not the visual arts kind. When Lar DeSouza walks in, with rainbow hair that rivals the bright lights of the slot machine alleys, he turns heads. Like the other artists here, he’s got something up his sleeve. In his case, it’s art supplies tucked into his Arm-adillo Wrist Pencil Case.

“How can I help you,” the lady at the chip window asks, her smile more sincere than usual.

“How much will this get me?” Lar asks, holding up an original painting of Rayne’s butt on canvas.

“You’re in the wrong neighbourhood if you’re looking for The Art Gallery of Ontario,” she says.

Lar takes the rejection in stride. He feared one day he’d need something more than his art to raise money. “This is for the MS Society,” he whispers to himself as he takes off the 9kg jewel encrusted golden L he wears on a chain. He bought this bling with his first Least I Could Do paycheque, and he’s worn it close to his heart ever since. Lar closes his eyes as he slides it across the counter. He doesn’t even listen for how much he got, he just takes his chips and leaves.

At the poker table later, Lar‘s stacks don’t even reach the tip of his beard. He sighs as he fans out his latest hand.

A 10. Not a bad start. A handsome Jack. A cheeky Queen. A confident King. And an Ace.

Lar could hear the other players sweating as his grin grew. This was exactly what Lar needed. He compares the Jack to the player to his left, Cagey Luke. A perfect match. The power couple across from him, Lynn and Marty Royale have the poise of the Queen and King. And the Ace reminds him of the a-hole to his right.

Lar folds his hand, grabs his chips and leaves. Now he knows how to raise more money for the MS Society.

It’s In The Cards

February’s theme is playing cards.

Lar can turn you into a face card in the classic style, with a custom suit, your initial or the letter of your choice in the corner, and details based on your interest. All in the name of charity.

Here’s The Deal

From now until February 28th, 2022, donate $40 to the MS Society and Lar will make you a Playing Card Caricature. If you’d like to include a second person, say you and a loved one on opposite , Lar asks for an additional $40 donation per additional face.

  1. Go to
  2. Donate $40 or more for an avatar, plus $40 for every extra face.
  3. Email your donation confirmation to [email protected] along with a current selfie and any requests.
  4. Lar will email you a high res JPEG to print and a low res jpeg for social media.

All avatars will be delivered on or before March 7th, 2022.