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Friday Larchive – Lar’s Book Of Happiness

Look at your bookshelf. I don’t care if you have to get up! Go, look at your bookshelf, then come back.

Are there enough Lar DeSouza art books on your shelf?

I don’t care if you didn’t have enough context to know what you were looking for when you got up, you don’t need to go back. The answer is no. For now.

Good news! Lar recently released a new art book: Happiness Is A Warm Porg

48 pages of collected mashup cartoons by Lar. On top of the wonderful book, when you order it you can get Lar to personalize it. Just include your request with your order. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is throwing in two random cartoon postcards (Millenium Submarine, Rocky Horus Picture Scroll, Hellooooo Nurse, or Dr Teeth’s Timey Wimey) with every order.

You might be thinking “I’ll pick it up at the next con- Oh.” Well good news! During Summer con season, shipping is free, world wide!

We can’t see each other this con season, not the way we used to, and that’s disappointing for a lot of reasons. Getting an autographed original book by Lar isn’t the same as meeting him at San Diego Comic-Con or Gen Con. Hopefully it’s enough of a reminder of that booth meeting feeling to tide you over while we wait for the cons of old to come back.