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Friday Larchive – A Lar C’art

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces.

Everything is on the table.

Although Lar’s charity efforts already passed their set monetary goal, the real goal is supporting MS Society, and there’s no ceiling for how much money that needs.

So, with one month left, the newest theme is “The Old Themes”.


Did you miss the deadline for a past theme? Maybe you didn’t even know about it until you saw the above image. Well good news! Lar will illustrate a custom avatar for you based on any previous theme in exchange for a $60 donation to his MS research fundariser.


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Donate $60 or more for an avatar, plus $60 for every extra face by May 31st.
  3. Email your donation confirmation to [email protected] along with a current selfie and any requests.
    Include which theme you would like and instructions for details, like which Muppet or Pokemon you would like to be styled after, or how you’d like your Among Us spaceman to die.
  4. Lar will email you a high res JPEG to print and a low res jpeg for social media.

Expect to receive your custom avatar on or before June 6th, 2021.