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Emerald City Comic Con, Booth #110

I’m old enough to remember when convention seasons were separate by half a year, or more. Nowadays however, we get a few months reprieve until we’re back in the thick of it.

And with that, we’re kicking off 2017 with the always fun Emerald City Comic Con.

You can find Lar, Will, Stone and myself at Booth #110 for the duration of the weekend-

If that’s not enough, we’ve also got  a panel on Sunday at 12:15pm in room TCC302.

Hope to see you there, folks, and we may just have a surprise or two in store.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism. “
-Alexander Hamilton