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Dr Hannah?

It’s Easter time but it’s also a Friday so that means Ustream tonight!

Now, as a practising Roman Catholic please spare me the ‘zombie Jesus’ references. They don’t work for me and trying to explain why they are inaccurate when it’s just a simple joke (yeah I get it) is just lame. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a nice zombie every so often. And that’s where Dr Hannah comes in.

Y’see, not only is it Easter this weekend but tomorrow is International TableTop Day! Wil Wheaton and Felica Day have been promoting it and already photos and blogs from the other side of world have begun coming in of friends and families enjoying gaming time together. Wil even commissioned me to do some fun paper cut outs of him, Felicia and the Trophy of Awesome for people to download and make (available on his blog).

But then I began getting requests for Dr Hannah – a zombie character Felicia made up during one of the TableTop episodes. I haven’t had time, nor am I sure there’s really that much interest but isn’t Ustream a time to have some fun?

So tonight I’ve got some flatting to do on one project and maybe a cute Easter bunny pin up but if there’s enough new chat room folks who request it, maybe I’ll be convinced to draw a downloadable Dr. Hannah for your TableTop day as well.

As usual the mods will be in their eggcellent form, keeping the chatroom free from the zombie hordes of spambots and douchebaggery. I’l have some fun music to warm us up. The fun starts at 8pm ET and runs along till midnight. Why not pour a beverage of choice and drop by? Here’s the link!:

See you in the funnies!