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Don’t let the month hit you on the way out!

I never thought I’d be so glad to see February arrive! And while I’m undoubtedly going to be grousing about it next week, for now, I’m relieved we survived January. The weather even cooperated today by only being around the freezing mark, making people all over the country bust out their jorts and dream of springtime.

The week passed in a flurry of productivity at Casa de Ferret. Not only did we manage to put the next Beginnings book to bed, but made significant progress on the tenth year collection of LICD. Right now we’re in a bit of a holding pattern due to Chinese New Year’s on the calendar (GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! to those of you celebrating this weekend). Our overseas printers are closed for the holiday but next week ought to get back business for them.

Speaking of business, there’s still time left to enter our annual LICD Valentine’s contest. Just follow the link and dazzle us with your great personality and nude photography skills.

Here’s a couple of interesting news items that might get you in the mood to apply. Last week Christy Mack, voted by XBiz as the Most Promising New Starlet (we’re talking porn here folks) tweeted that she would give a bj to whichever of her twitter followers gave her the best Lego creation.

Porn and Lego!? How amazing is that combo?

Anyhow, despite the hundreds of responses, her lawyers required her to rescind her offer as “LEGO” wasn’t very happy with the informal contest. Go figure that. Whatever happened to free publicity?

And in the “I wish I was smart enough to make this up” department, one Paul Lovell, 61, was arrested in North London for attempting to …um… well… Okay, there was a sheep involved. Get it? Yeah. Okay, that’s not the funny part. The funny part was at his trial the jury erupted in laughter when it was learned he attempted to negotiate the sheep bits after he was rejected by a cow he was trying to seduce. He is currently out on bail and under probation conditions to avoid the animals in future.

Who needs Bieber when this is going on in the world?

It’s Friday so that means time for my regular Ustream, starting at 8pm ET and stretching along to midnight. I’ve got some work to do and I’d love to have your company in the chat room. If you’re feeling timid just remember the chatroom is moderated so it’s a welcoming place. Also, new chatters are a rule in the drinking game which makes them doubly welcome.

Click the link to see old videos or to join in when I’m broadcasting live!

See you in the funnies!

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