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Cruise ships and popes and asteroids! Oh my!

Has it really only been a couple of weeks? Tonight I return to my comfy spot on Ustream in a very rested state. Why? Because I was on an effing cruise of the most amazeballs type. Dunno how long this peace of mind will last but there it is!

I can’t even catch up on weekly news events because all the good stuff happened while we were at sea and each time seemed like just another part of a comedy routine. Pope retiring? Oh that’s a good one… what? A cruise ship stranded? Hahahahaha….WHAT? An asteroid hit Russia? Am I on Candid Camera?!

Makes Lindsay Lohan look like an even bigger loser than usual.

Of course it is Oscar weekend but until the Hobbit gets on that list I’m not much interested in the red carpets, pageantry and inevitable painful on camera moments for winners and losers alike.

I hope you’ll make some time to drop by tonight and join me and the mods as we spin a little music, drink a little drink and draw draw draw. I’m sure I’ll have a couple of new stories to share.

As usual the stream starts at 8pm with the music a little before the hour. Here’s the link:

See you in the funnies!