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Creatures Crawl in Search of Twitch

It’s been a tremendously busy summer and fall for travel and convention and life but with only Rhode Island Comic Con left on the calendar I’m enjoying getting back to routine. Routines like seeing my family, sleeping in my own bed, and pausing several times a day to cuddle various cats while Sohmer emails me to get back to work and stop sending him cat updates. A favorite part of my routine is my Friday night Twitch stream.

Since we’re so close to Hallowe’en I’m declaring tonight’s stream a special SpectacuLAR. What does that mean? Well essentially it means I’m gonna give away stuff every hour. Like art, because really that’s all I have to give away. While I’m always open to talking shop SpectacuLARs are also a time when I like to devote extra time to sharing any worthwhile knowledge I can. So if you’ve got art questions pop into the chat or email me before tonight’s stream (lar at blindferret etc) and I’ll try to answer/demo them during the stream. This can range from “how do I draw hands?” to “how can I do x in ClipStudio?” to “what’s gouache anyhow?”

We may even play the internet’s fastest trending game “The Rapid Fire Sketch Game” at the end of the night. Or maybe a new game of drunken drawing? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

So if you’re not out doing the Time Warp at a midnight show, or enjoying the company of like minded seasonal ghouls please drop by and say ‘Hello’. I stream from 8pm ET till midnight.

See you in the funnies!

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