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Every man you know is a stolen bra, some bedsheets, and two bottles of tequila away from turning into the lacy vigilante Bra-Man! Is he hero? Is he villain? Is he both? Is he neither? He’s all of the above!

Newer readers might only know Bra-Man from digging through the archive or a half-remembered reference in the last five or so years, but Bra-Man was once a big deal. Representing some combination of unbridled stupidity, consequence free-living, and boobies, Bra-Man was Least I Could Do personified.

Now that long time LICD readers are older, we’re recovering from our stupidity, suffering the consequences of our consequence free-living, and we’ve realized how stupid expensive bras are, Bra-Man is a reminder of a simpler time.

If you’re looking for a touchstone of days gone by, your shelf would appreciate the classic Bra-Man and Llama figure.

Not only do we still have a few available, they are on sale as part of the Blind Ferret Shop blowout sale. You can get this figurine and many other great items for 50% off or more!