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Celebrating D&D and Other RPGs

If Sir Elton John was going to play an RPG like D&D or Pathfinder, would he just play a Bard or do you think he would want to play something else? 

I think the odds of ever finding this out are pretty slim, mostly because I don’t think SEJ would even know or care about an RPG. But it amuses me to think what some celebrities and icons might think of RPG’s and how they might act at a game table. There’s a rumor about that Vin Diesel led a game during the filming of “Chronicles of Riddick” with Karl Urban and Dame Judi Dench. And I can only imagine that both Joe Manganiello and Deborah Ann Woll, both avid RPG players, have had some interesting games with co-stars. And Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty, Community) has been running a series called “Harmon Quest” where he has celebrity guests on for one only one episode each.  

I love RPG’s. I cut my teeth on D&D, played Shadowrun for a while and recently (like 5 years ago) got back into playing with some work pals. I love the social aspect, the math of it all and the “acting” we get to do at the table. Late nights, nonsense and adventure, fun and shared experiences. And with the addition of online elements like Skype or Discord, Roll 20 and others, playing with distant friends or just to make it easier when you can’t get out (new borns always roll around on the table and get D4’s stuck to them). And with VR getting better and better how long till we see a usable VR environment for around the table? Would VR add anything to the experience? A virtual game table to sit across from your friend’s avatars, pull down stat sheets and a “zoom” in function to your game table with 3d minis and landscapes? Sound nice if they could pull it off. 

So, for all my fellow RPG geeks out there, let me see in the comments what 3 or 4 celebs you would love to sit across the table from and have an RPG adventure with? Bonus points for listing what class you think they would play.  

Speaking Of Games

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