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Blind Ferret Shop Sale Is Live!

I’ve been hinting at the the big sale coming to the Blind Ferret Shop for a while now. Now that it’s hear, I’ll turn the blog over to Matthew Stone, our Director of Logistics, for his thoughts behind the radical reduction in prices.

I am a lazy man.

And given that we have just expanded the Blind Ferret offices to include a second location (yah us!) and I boxed, cleaned, stored and moved A LOT of things, I am now a lazy and tired man.

The move wasn’t all bad: It was fun to rediscover some of the office’s forgotten treasures and abandoned knick-knackery: the 14” Admiral Ackbar figure used to let people know when it’s a trap; the replica sword collection, previously used to settle arguments until Legal made us switch to Nerf guns, of which there are many; a Mr. Meeseek’s cube/swear jar along with a Rick & Morty “Rick head” mug and Espresso set, because sometimes you need THAT MUCH caffeine. There’s bits of Lego everywhere, as well as convention lanyards and all sorts of fandom acquired over the years of us doing conventions; plush toys, artwork, figurines, weapons, wands and no end of books. Our office doubled as a nerdy museum.  

As we lurch towards the holidays with the monster of Black Friday betwixt us and the bliss of Christmas eggnog, tinsel, and gifts galore, it occurred to me that I might, one day, need to move the stuff out of the warehouse. Now, as I said, I’m lazy, so to limit the amount of lifting I have to do in the future we have decided to help you make your house more like our office by putting nearly everything in the store on sale for 50% off or better. Your Christmas present to me can be the gift of having to lift less.

The pricing will be in place till Christmas, but some things are limited in quantities. And if you are shopping for Christmas, don’t forget, we are in Canada. We do ship USPS, but we only do fulfillment once a week on Thursdays by driving down to the USA. Remember that to calculate for shipping times, and don’t panic if you don’t see your package ship the day after you place your order.

All that said, go nutz!! Now is the time to get ALL the stuff you want because you’ll probably never get it cheaper.

MATTHEW STONE – Director of Logistics